Flamenco shows online, enjoy flamenco from anywhere
female flamenco singers from Seville

Online flamenco shows to feel this art from any corner of the world. This is the new project that the Tablao Cuna del Flamenco has launched and in which some of our artists have collaborated, both in the choreography and in the staging of these traditional flamenco shows.

These are six exclusive and original shows, recorded with great audio and video quality so that you do not miss any detail and have the feeling that you are on the very tablao. A proposal that will allow you to get closer and get to know one of the most appreciated manifestations of Spanish culture and an art considered as Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO initiative.

Deep singing, festive dances, infinite tapping, the magic of the guitar, the sound of castanets …. All with the signature of a cast of artists of recognized international prestige.

Unique online flamenco shows

After several months of hiatus due to the health crisis of COVID-19, a new era comes to enjoy singing, dancing, guitar, castanets and clapping, another way of feeling the atmosphere of a tablao, this time in a virtual way. This new format is an initiative of Cuna del Flamenco, in collaboration with El Palacio Andaluz, so that the great flamenco tradition that the city of Seville breathes can be felt from anywhere.

The conjugation of all these elements creates a fascinating environment with a strong emotional charge. The goal is for you to enjoy the mastery and talent of our artists, as if you were sitting in front of them. That you feel the duende and the magic that is created in an Andalusian tablao and delve into the purest and most traditional flamenco.

To do this, we offer you several shows, twenty minutes long, through which you can learn about different styles of this artistic genre:

‘Duende Flamenco’: presents you one of the most traditional flamenco dancing, alegrías. Enjoy the hypnotizing shawl movements of our dancers, let yourself be carried away by the rudeness, the fuss and the “tirititrán, trán, trán”, so characteristic of this festive stick.

‘Tacón y Garra’: in this show you will find the combination of two flamenco styles with great strength and power: farruca and tangos. Let the claw catch you through the bravery of the farruca and the intensity of the tangos.

‘Embrujo Flamenco’: this show represents a combination of a cante de minas (mines singing), such as taranto, and one of the most popular flamenco styles in Seville, sevillanas. A unique alternation of rhythms.

‘Raíces Flamencas’: it is a return to the most classic flamenco to enjoy the magic of the guitar, castanets and the traditional seguiriya. All these elements create a pure flamenco show.

‘Esencia Flamenca’: it is a proposal to immerse yourself in the rhythm of the most patiqued palms and the games of setbacks that characterize bulerías por soleá or bulerías al golpe.

‘Pasión Flamenca’: this representation has as its main protagonist the great “mother of flamenco”: the soleá. It is a call to the deep that will make you get up from your sofa to the rhythm of the “fuss”, combining jotas, fandangos and seguiriyas.

The mastery of our artists makes high-quality performances feasible to feel the purest flamenco art: Emilio Ramírez ‘El Duende’, Soleá de José, Juan Luis Vega ‘Maera’, José Ramírez ‘Chopi’, Marisa Risu, Antonio Corral, Silvia Reina and Lucas Ortega. They are magic, passion, talent, strength, art …

We invite you to know all the details of these online flamenco shows at this link. If you like flamenco, you have no excuses. You’ll want to see these traditional flamenco shows over and over again!

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