María de Amaro is an elegant flamenco artist

When María de Amaro climbs the tablao, flamenco becomes elegant. It is what she intends and manages to do every night at El Palacio Andaluz. For more than a decade he has been part of the cast of artists who give life to the flamenco show that can be enjoyed by the public that visits this emblematic Sevillian tablao.

María is now the first dancer in the dance corps. Among the pieces she plays, she highlights her role as ‘Carmen’ in the flamenco adaptation of Bizet’s work and the castanet solo she does with one of the guitarists.

This sevillian has her whole life linked to flamenco and interpretation. He has trained at the conservatories of Seville and Malaga, learning from established artists such as Javier Latorre, someone who recognizes “having learned a lot”. Admire Manuela Carrasco and Emilio Rodríguez ‘El Duende’, with whom he shares the stage every day at El Palacio Andaluz.

María will be next December 31 at the Gala Dinner New Year´s Eve celebrated in this tablao. “Whoever comes will be able to enjoy the Andalusian culture through flamenco,” he says. A lot of flamenco and the passion that this artist puts in what she does every time she takes the stage.

To know more details of the trajectory of this flamenco dancer, you can not miss this interview.

Question (Q): María, how long have you been linked to flamenco?

Answer (A): I started dancing as a child. I studied at the conservatory of Seville and Malaga. I have had prestigious professors such as Javier Latorre or María de la O. Javier Latorre has been a person who has influenced my career a lot, he has marked me a lot.

(Q): And in El Palacio Andaluz, when did you start?

(A): I started in this very young flamenco tablao. I have been part of this dance corps for more than a decade. My artistic career has always been linked to El Palacio Andaluz. I have done some props outside, but still dancing here. I am very happy with the experience I have acquired here, as well as with the progress I have been making little by little. I am very proud of my artistic career.

An elegant flamenco artist

(Q): María, what artistic references do you have?

(A):Emilio Rodríguez ‘El Duende’ is a reference for me. Manuela Carrasco too, although I’m not her style, but I do have her strength.

(Q): How do you define yourself? What kind of artist is María Damaro?

(A):  I … I’m an elegant flamenca.

(Q): Of your intervention in the show, what do you like most or stand out?

(A): I would say that when I get on stage everything I do is special because I give everything in each piece. Without a doubt, my performance in ‘Carmen’ is special because it is a part that I consider more interpretive and my life is dance and interpretation, which is what I like the most, and ‘as I do not do this piece’ (laughs). In the joys I also play an important role and in the castanets only with the guitarist that the audience likes very much.

(Q): The public that attends the flamenco show, what do you see of María Damaro?

(A): I always try to convey my way of being. You can see that I am transparent and I try to transmit through the dance all the feeling that there is in the music that I play. I am very expressive and express a lot during my performances. I would say that I am very versatile and … Very flamenco!

A unique flamenco show for the end of the year in Spain

(Q): Of the pieces that you put on stage every night at El Palacio Andaluz, which one do you like the most?

(A): ‘Carmen’ likes it a lot because it’s something that breaks the line that the more traditional flamenco styles carry. It is, let’s say, a more stylized flamenco and with a little interpretation. It’s something that you like a lot, but every piece of the show has its magic.

(Q): María, why do you recommend attending the Dinner Gala New Year’s Eve that is celebrated here on December 31st?

(A): Because whoever attends will be able to know part of the Andalusian culture, the feeling and our way of being. Because you will enjoy a unique flamenco show that is worth seeing.

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