Online flamenco courses, learn to dance with Marisa Risu

Online flamenco courses is the new proposal of the Tablao Cuna del Flamenco, an initiative that has the collaboration of El Palacio Andaluz and which aims to facilitate the learning of flamenco dance from any corner of the world.

To do this, a series of initiation courses have been designed, led by Marisa Risu, one of the professional dancers who are part of the cast of artists from Seville’s tablao. The courses are designed so that anyone can learn different styles of flamenco, at their own pace and from anywhere.

With these classes, it is possible to learn step by step the technique to dance correctly: position of the body during the performance with twists and turns; different movements of arms, hands (known as ‘bracero’) and feet (marking and tapping); as well as the wiggling of the hips and the rhythm of the palms.

Online flamenco courses: rumba and sevillanas

Whether you have previous knowledge or have never danced flamenco, you can take any of these courses online because they are designed so that all people who have an interest can do so.

The classes are recorded in an authentic Andalusian tablao so you can feel the flamenco atmosphere while you follow the lessons. In addition, you can stop the video as you like, repeating each step, marking or posture as many times as you need until you master the flamenco technique of the great dancers.

rumba and sevillanas online coursesThe proposals for you to start in the world of flamenco are as follows:

‘Rumba Flamenca’ online course: you will learn a complete choreography of one of the most cheerful and popular styles of flamenco. Our dancer will explain step by step how you should move your arms and hands; what is the body placement; some basic footwork…. The flamenco rumba is a flirty and sensual style, very common in celebrations and fairs and whose steps and movements will serve to include them in other flamenco dances. We invite you to know all the details of this flamenco rumba course at this link.

Online course of ‘Initiation to Sevillanas’: it is a proposal for you to get started in flamenco, which is never lacking in Andalusian fairs. It is a first contact with sevillanas. With this course, you will learn to dance correctly the first of the four choreographies that make up this dance, one of the best known in Seville. Simple steps, walks and crosses for you to start dancing sevillanas from your home. You can know all the details of this Seville course at this link.

All the choreographies that make up these online flamenco courses are specially designed to apply them easily and you can review what you have learned when and where you want. In addition, the teacher is a professional artist who will teach you the basic steps, the movements of the arms, hands, body and feet, as well as the coordination of everything so that you learn correctly and elegantly how to dance different flamenco styles.

Feel like a true artist and get all the feelings, wrap yourself in a magical atmosphere and delve into the Andalusian culture with Marisa Risu. Choose the online flamenco course that you like the most and dance!

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